I get it, I do. It’s the obvious observation. And, honestly, sometimes I ask myself that very same question.

When I was putting together SEASONS and devoting large chunks of the day brainstorming and writing, this thought crossed my mind constantly. But I would always have an answer – “You’re never too young to create, do it now or you’re never going to do later.” Sure, maybe most teenagers my age spend their time partying, going out, preparing for their future with hundreds of academic hours, enjoying the recklessness of youth and so forth, but why couldn’t I do what I love at my age? Why couldn’t I put my heart and soul into something that I believed in and make it happen right now? I’m not suggesting college or education is a waste of time or “beneath” me (please do not think that), only that I, nor you, the reader, need a certificate or title to accomplish your dream in life. It helps, yes, but it’s not the only way and shouldn’t be when you really think about it.

I actually have a year of college under my belt and plan to go back soon at some point, but, for now, I want to write SEASONS; I’m too passionate about it not to. Every time I get a new page from Anthony, I’m reassured that this was the right decision, that I’m so glad I started writing SEASONS when I was 17 with the intention to see this thing through.

So, yes, I’m 19 and I’m not in school, but I am making a comic book. I’m proud of that. And if you think you’re too young (or too old) to move your dream forward, I promise you, you’re not.

~ N. Fox