Finding the right artist was one of the most difficult and time consuming tasks in developing SEASONS. Being a newbie at this, I even wondered if my scripts would be clear enough in description or if anyone could actually draw and visualize what was inside my head. I sent out dozens of emails to professionals and non-published artists over a few months with no luck. Thankfully, one day, after many hours and one discouraging misfire with another artist, I saw a piece of work by this guy named Anthony Gonzales-Clark in the midst of randomly browsing through hundreds and hundreds of posts on the website, DeviantArt.

Something caught my eye.

Peddling back a little, I had a style in mind for SEASONS in its early stages. I knew I wanted the book to look and feel realistic; there had to be a grounded nature to fit the concept. But it also needed to look and feel tragic and even spiritual in a sense, like the pages were reaching out to the reader, somehow subconsciously breaking the fourth wall in conjunction with my words. It’s hard to accurately explain, but I knew what I wanted, and I was sure I would know when I found the right artist. Call it “visual or creator’s intuition” if there is such a thing. However, not only did I have to find the style I needed SEASONS to have, but the artist himself had to be able to be a team player. I needed a Kirby to my Lee, a Perez to my Wolfman, a Gibbons to my Moore, an Epting to my Brubaker, if you know what I mean. We had to do our best to “click.” I wanted someone I could actually talk to about the big things and the little things – my ideas, certain angles in panels, my vision, character designs, page layouts, and all the creative places my mind goes. As a very visual person myself, I know what I want to see and I needed someone to bring every panel in my mind to fruition. More importantly, I needed to find someone I could trust with my story and who wouldn’t bail on me after he or she had gotten his/her money’s worth (don’t forget, I’m the sole funder of SEASONS). A month of conversing over texts, emails, Skype and a few “trial” pages later, Anthony was becoming more and more that creative partner I was searching for. The further we got going, the further my trust grew. And, let me tell you, was he bringing SEASONS to life (can’t you already tell by now?).

Although the book doesn’t feature coloring work due to my limited finances, each and every one of Anthony’s pages still blow my mind. So much so that I’m actually considering keeping the book black and white in the future. While not preferred without color, what Anthony has done, including the lettering, is more than acceptable – it’s absolutely astonishing. I cannot imagine working with another person on SEASONS, nor do I want to give that thought precedence in my mind whatsoever. That’s how much his artistic talent and skill has affected me. He’s an incredible artist in so many ways. Just wait and see what else is in store in the coming weeks.

This is SEASONS, created and written by Nandor Fox Shaffer, with art and lettering by Anthony-Gonzales Clark.

Could I really see another name in the latter part of that sentence?

Don’t bet on it.

~ N. Fox