It’s almost funny – every time I’m given the opportunity to explain what SEASONS is about in a conversation, I draw a descriptive blank. This isn’t because I can’t explain the story, it’s just that I don’t know where to start to explain what it is; my mind goes to all these places. It’s just not that simple. For example…

Q: “What’s your comic book about?”

A: “Well…it’s called SEASONS, and it’s about this guy, who has powers,  and – – “

Q: “So, he’s a superhero?”

A: “No, he’s not a superhero at all, just a guy who gets powers and who has been running away from his past. It’s a metaphorical drama that deals with a lot of real world themes. But it’s also a character study—”

Q: “What do you mean by “metaphorical drama?”

A: “Well, the first story deals a lot with emotions and the darkness emotions can bring out in people. But my character also has different powers, which are allegorical to this one story and the world around us. But that’s just what the first story is kind of about.  The others explore different themes. Don’t want to spoil it all. You still with me?”

Q (looks like what I just said went over their head): “How long is it?”

A: “The first story – Spring – is only four issues, and then the next three stories are Summer, Fall, and Winter. Each seasonal arc is a different story, but they all involve this one guy, and he goes through different things in each story and is given different powers along with the changing seasons of the year. We’ll be following him through one year of his life and will see the man he turns out to be. But there’s a lot more I could tell you —

Q: “Does it have romance in it?”

A: “…You just have to read it.”

I guess that above conversation wasn’t that jumbled – rarely am I able to even describe my book that accurately off the cuff  – but there it is, that one line I always fall back on – “You just have to read it.”

See, in conversations like these, I’m thinking about everything the book deals with and I feel like if I talk too much, I’ll give away too much. But, then again, if I give away too little, I don’t know if people will give it a shot. It’s a fine line I’m trying to get a grip on, but I think I’m getting better at it the more I have these conversations. I just find that no amount of words I say can accurately describe the story I’m wanting to tell. It’s not a superhero book, but I think people who like those types of book will like this. It’s not really a cut-and-dry drama, but I think people who like those kinds of narratives and that amount of seriousness and care will like this. It’s not a academic psychological or philosophical piece, but I think people who like those themes and high trains of thought will like this. See what I mean? SEASONS is a combination of all these, and for me to pinpoint it to one specific breed of story does it injustice, in my opinion. SEASONS is meant to reflect life, and like life itself, who can label it as one specific thing? In any case, I can tell you what SEASONS is not, and maybe that’s where it finds its identity. When it does come down to it, though, that discovery of “what SEASONS is” will be found solely by reading and digesting the book for yourself. And if I’m done my part as a writer, you will get a pretty good idea.

So, what is SEASONS, really? Well, again, you just have to read it.

I’ll be anticipating to hear what you have to say.

~ N. Fox