It’s fulfilling to say that this past Monday marked the conclusion of SEASONS #1, “I Won’t.” Now the very first issue of SEASONS is out there for all to see in its entirety, and it’s my hope I’ve gained some new fans and followers along the way. As of today, the site has had almost 4,500 visits in the two months it’s been up. This is really encouraging to me, and I just want to thank everyone who’s lent a view, shared the site, and been actively spreading SEASONS wherever. Hard to believe something I wrote two years ago at the age of 17 has finally seen the light of day after all this time and is showing this amount of appeal so far. Please keep sharing and talking about SEASONS with your friends. Every little bit helps, and the best is yet ahead, guys, I assure you.

In these first 25 pages of the series, you’ve been introduced to our main character, Fletcher Hart Iiams, who you’ll be getting to know more thoroughly as the series carries on. You’ve also seen this young man’s world turned upside down in an emotional and destructive mess of events. We’ve gone from not wanting to wake up on a Monday morning and an obsessive interest in the opposite sex to super powers, a shadow man, and a chaos-ridden street set aflame. What a turn of tone, huh? To settle any curiosity or misgivings if there are any, this drastic shift of mood and pace was all intentional. And that unpredictability? It’s definitely a defining characteristic of this book.

Looking ahead, there are plenty of exciting things coming up in the next three issues of the Spring storyline both narratively and visually. I can already tell you that Anthony’s work on issue two is some of his best yet, and what you’ll be seeing in the upcoming weeks will captivate your eye. As the creator and writer of SEASONS, one of the greatest feelings in the world is seeing what’s in my head be brought to life, and if you feel only a sliver of what I do when these next set of pages hit, I’d be skeptical if your inner comic book fan doesn’t get a sweeping punch in its artistic-appreciative gut.

So what will happen next? Who is this shadow figure, and what does his appearance mean for Fletcher and those around him? How will he and Fletcher’s newfound powers affect him in this season of his life?

Time will tell, and tomorrow we move ever closer to the answers.

The first two pages of SEASONS #2, “I Can’t” premieres right here on seasonsthecomicbook.com tomorrow.

Thanks once again and don’t stop reading,

~ N. Fox