At the time of this writing, it’s officially past midnight, I’m frankly out of it, and…Christmas is only a week away. There’s that little big event. Soon enough everyone will either be on the road, enjoying the invaluable company of their families, and/or opening special gifts and presents like no tomorrow. No doubt there’’ll be a need for reflection of the past year, with the clock ticking down to the New Year as well. Where has this year gone, anyways?

For me, personally, this has been one of the most exciting but nerve-wracking years I can remember. So much has happened in regards to SEASONS and my very own pursuits in life that I’m already wanting 2017 to come like a lightning bolt that’ll inject even more energetic passion and motivation for what’s ahead. Because next year is when I want BIG things to happen for what Anthony and I have put down and revealed to the world. Because 2017 is the year I want every fan of SEASONS to own a printed edition of the first story (and the other three, hopefully!). With that said, there’s only a brighter future in store for this book, and I hope you’ll be a part of it and support SEASONS every step of the way as each new page is released weekly.

And how can you do that for right now? It’s pretty simple.

Just talk about SEASONS and share it. Let people know wherever and whenever you can that you’re reading this one-of-a-kind webcomic that is going places and has continual updates. With every new page that’s posted, you have the opportunity to help us spread SEASONS. Apart of a large or small online forum/group? There you go. Love visiting your local comic shop and talking comics? Bingo. Enjoy spamming your friends’ Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feeds with stuff you love? This is your chance.

But all sarcasm aside (my apologies, it is getting late), this is possibly the single best way for SEASONS to succeed naturally, and that’s what we want. And if you’re not following the official social media channels for SEASONS, please do! Feel free to write to Anthony and I about SEASONS using these channels, too, whether it be questions about our process, comments on the book, or encouragement for this dream goal. There is also the email subscription option (to your left!)  you can sign up for here on the official website to receive all the latest blog posts and news (like this one, for example). Every little bit helps, for sure, and we want to hear from you. We really do.

To new beginnings,

~ N. Fox

P.S. A heartfelt Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the SEASONS crew!