To garner more exposure for SEASONS and to help and/or educate other independent and aspiring creators, writers and artists, Anthony and I have begun a new YouTube video series on collaboration. The first part of the series focusing on “Preparation” was uploaded today, so if you’re interested in learning how the two of us prepared for SEASONS before it launched, want to get in on a few insights on how we work together, or would like to just watch us talk for your own enjoyment, click on the video below! We will try to cover all of the basics in this series with the intention of giving advice to others from our personal stories and experience, and hope you, the faithful fans of SEASONS as well as newcomers, get much out of it.

Please subscribe to the official YouTube channel for SEASONS, comment below, like and share this video, and keep spreading SEASONS all over!

Thank you, and be looking for Part 2 of this series next week…

~ N. Fox