SEASONS has officially made it to its halfway point! With the final page from SEASONS #2, “I Can’t” posted today, everyone around the world who has access to the web can now read the ENTIRE first two issues of SEASONS entirely for FREE right here on at any time. That’s over 50 comic book pages of incredible quality and value, so definitely take this opportunity to share this news with all your friends. It would mean the world to both Anthony and I!

With the conclusion of its second issue, SEASONS is going to take one post break this coming Monday (the 20th) before Issue Three premieres. But the good news is we’ll be back on the 24th with a bang, so don’t worry — you won’t have to wait long for the new pages. We’re simply giving the book a mini-breather and appreciate your patience.

What do you think of SEASONS so far, by the way?

I’m proud and thankful to report that we’ve had over 2,000 more views since the first issue of SEASONS ended. We’re currently standing just over 6,700 views, and it’s our goal to hit over 10,000 by the time the fourth and final issue of SEASONS finishes. Is it possible? Yes. Probable? It’s a bit of a stretch, but I do think we can make the mark. Thank you to all the continual readers for keeping up to date with SEASONS — this dream passion project of mine. You all are terrific. 🙂

To hold you readers of SEASONS over until the new pages are up, here is a teaser image for what SEASONS #3, “I’ll Try” has in store.

Be ready,

~ N. Fox