Hey there SEASONS readers and backers,

After today, the Kickstarter campaign for SEASONS Vol. 1: Spring will be two weeks in and in those two weeks, we’ve raised over $2,500! This means the average amount raised per day to be $178! If we keep this up, we’ll be well over the asking $6,500 funding goal by the time the campaign ends, which just gets my adrenaline surging all over. This is an impressive accomplishment, and I’m so thankful for everyone who’s taken the time to not only read SEASONS but believe in it and what Anthony and I are doing so much as to offer money towards its physical creation.

As I’ve said before, if this campaign successfully funds, my life will be changed, and that isn’t hyperbole or exaggeration to conjure up some shallow drama effect or sentiment — it’s the truth because that’s exactly what you’d be doing. In actuality, the Kickstarter platform isn’t a place to make profits galore, it’s a platform to bring to the world a creative project that couldn’t exist without Kickstarter or another crowdfunding site. And in that process, people from all over the world are telling that creator (or creators)  — “We believe in you, we believe in what you’re making, and we believe what you’re making is worthy to not only exist but to thrive.” Every time someone pledges towards SEASONS Vol. 1: Spring, that’s what I feel; confirmation, appreciation, hope, love, and encouragement. No amount of money would ever replace the excitement I receive as we push further towards the funding goal. It’s just undeniably fantastic to be this close already.

But, it’s true, we still have some ways to go. We still need support, and I’m asking everyone reading this to get to behind SEASONS and believe in it like 47 others have. This is a call out to every reader of SEASONS who has yet to pledge towards the Kickstarter campaign: please support the printing of SEASONS Vol. 1: Spring today. Maybe you’re waiting to see if this is even going to get somewhere, maybe you’re holding out because you can read it for free online and don’t see the point of owning a physical book, maybe you’ve just forgotten about the campaign altogether. Whatever the reasons, I hope you can look past the dollar amount  and look at the dream, not see just some comic book, but a story that transcends a few minutes of entertainment. I may sound like I’m asking for too much (I realize not everyone can feel how I do about SEASONS) but I’m simply asking that you give this a shot. What’s to lose for believing in a dream?

Only 25 days left and $3,917 to go. C’mon, let’s get this done.

Thanks so much for reading and believing,

~ N. Fox