If you hadn’t heard the news yet, on July 15th, 2017 — this past Saturday morning — SEASONS Volume 1: Spring was officially and successfully funded on Kickstarter! This is really happening, guys! 

A quality hardcover containing the first four issues of SEASONS will be in the hands of people by the end of year, and to say I’m excited, thrilled or even pumped doesn’t even come close to what I’m feeling right now. Dreams can come true; this is a prime example of that. And without SEASONS’ fans, we never would have made it. Thank you all so much for reading and supporting this series. The sky’s the limit now, and Anthony and I are going to to hopefully blow yours and everybody else’s minds. We’re striving to create and produce one of the most professional indie titles to date, and I’m positive when the book is in your hands, you’ll see that even more so.

I’ll do my best to update everyone on any important new developments that come up, but I’d advise you to check out the Kickstarter page for SEASONS Vol. 1: Spring for all the latest updates (videos, too!) on the book’s production timeline and so forth. Meanwhile, new pages will still be posted on a weekly basis here at seasonsthecomicbook.com. So let people know about this now successful webcomic that will be released at the end of the year! And if you weren’t able to pledge during the Kickstarter campaign and are interested in ordering a book, please let me know! There’s plenty of time to get your very own copy. Just feel free to message me via the ‘Contact Me’ tab or send me a message over Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

To the future!

~ N. Fox