Nandor Fox Shaffer grew up with superheroes, Star Wars, movies, video games, music and comic books coursing through his veins and spinning about in his imagination. It wasn’t only until a few years ago where he heard the call to be a writer and creator, wanting to tell stories that really meant something and that touched people. Inspired by the likes of George Lucas, Jonathan Hickman, Steven Moffat, Ed Brubaker, Scott McCloud, and a few other talents, he couldn’t resist how powerful the art of storytelling could be. At the age of 19, SEASONS is his first ever creative venture and hopes it will resonate with those who check it out. He lives in Jefferson City, Missouri and plans to write and create for as long as he is able to.


Ever since he could hold a pencil, Anthony has been sketching, scribbling, and scaring his mother with detailed monsters that seem to jump off the page. Growing up in the San Fernando Valley, while everyone else was focusing on school, undignified behavior, and sports, Anthony just wanted to draw. Self taught and always finding ways to improve his craft, every picture is as elaborate as the next. He owes everything to his wife Karina, without her this dream would not be possible. Passionate about his craft, and starting to realize his potential, he is only getting more excited about the endless possibilities ahead.